Freedom fighters has been open for four years now, it was started as a family owned and operated business but grew very quickly.  We now have over 20 agents all over the state.  We have grown exponentially because of our heavy marketing and word of mouth.  We pride ourselves on taking full care of our clients and giving them the best service imaginable.  We figured if we treated everyone better than these other companies, then our reputation would be better than these other companies, and believe me word travels.  The last thing people seem to expect when calling a bondsman is a helpful and friendly attitude, so we strive to set ourselves apart.  By making people comfortable and at ease we have been able to earn people’s trust at this serious time of need and have given the fastest, easiest service around.  We continue to help people even after thier bail has been posted, we help with great lawyer referrals, drug treatment, and half-way house referrals.  We are a God centered business and understand the importance of following through with the treatment of an individual’s wounds rather than just ignoring them.
The future of our company looks very promising, we intend to expand into even more areas and locations and bring even more agents on board in the upcoming years.  If you think we move fast now, “You aint seen nothing yet!!!”