Freedom Fighters is a “judgement free” company,

we understand that everyone makes mistakes, has their own personal issues, addictions and struggles that they must overcome.  We are hands on with helping our clients and our community.  We have been referring out many many clients and even providing transportation for them to and from treatment facilities.  We have connected many clients and other needy people on the streets with halfway houses, jobs and even clothing.  We have done volunteer work at some of the local churches soup kitchens, food drives, and clothing giveaways.  We love to interact with the citizens of our community and you can always catch us at the 4th of July parades, Barbeque bashes, and various events giving away thousands of tee shirts, lanyards, pens and much much more.

Been to an event we’ve sponsored? Witnessed Freedom Fighters Bail Bonds doing good in your community? Maybe you just saw someone wearing the latest, greatest Freedom Fighters Bail Bonds t-shirt? Why not upload a picture and tell us about it?