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The #1 leading bail bonds provider in Harford County Maryland and one of the top bail bonds agencies for the state of Maryland

We are a family owned business with more than 20 agents all over the state. We pride ourselves on taking full care of our clients and giving them the best service imaginable. We truly believe in the old cliche “do unto others as you would want done unto you”. We strive to create and maintain helpful and friendly attitude that sets us apart within the industry.






We truly understand the importance of following through with the treatment of an individual’s wounds.







The Process


The very first & most important step of the process is to pick up the phone and call us.  From that point on our friendly and helpful staff can help you make a decision as to what you need and want to do, as well as help guide you every step of the way.






  • We serve every county in the state of MD
  • We do housecalls
  • We accept ALL forms of payment
  • We offer bails by phone
  • We do warrant checks





Bail Inquiries

 If you are here to inquire about bailing a loved one out of jail, we can help expedite the process so that your experience is a less stressful one. We are able to accept inquiries online with some basic information about yourself and your loved one. Let’s get started.





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